Why I hate Chat GPT for Sales

Now we have a non-Human tool that can engage a discussion with a prospect.

Chat GPT is the new buzz. All posts and blogs relate the use of Chat GPT as a great event that will revolutionize the Sales world. Really? Ah, the power of laziness…

What is Chat GPT for sales enablement?

When you ask the new genius “What can Chat GPT do for sales enablement in Europe, here is the response we have: “get notified when back..” that is a good start.

It became better after a while to give this ultimate result:

“Sales enablement in Europe can be achieved by implementing a few key strategies:

  1. Develop a comprehensive understanding of European markets: Sales teams should understand the key characteristics of each European market they are targeting and develop an effective strategy that meets the needs of the local market. This includes understanding the language, culture, legal requirements, and competition.
  2. Utilize local resources: To maximize the success of sales efforts in Europe, it is important to leverage local resources such as sales teams, marketing teams, and partners. This will help to ensure that sales strategies are tailored to the local market and that sales are executed in a timely and effective manner.
  1. Invest in training and enablement: Sales teams need to have the knowledge and resources to effectively communicate with European customers. Investing in training and enablement will ensure that sales teams have the skills and tools to deliver a consistent and positive customer experience.
  2. Leverage technology and automation: Automation and technology can help to streamline sales processes and simplify communication with customers. This can help to reduce costs and increase efficiency, enabling sales teams to focus on delivering value to customers.
  3. Measure and track performance: Sales teams should track and measure performance in order to identify.”

Why I hate Chat GPT?

I should have state this, but it did it. So my next question was ”why should I hate Chat GPT for sales?”

“Chat GPT for sales enablement can be a valuable tool for sales teams, but it is important to remember that it is not a substitute for human interaction. While it can help streamline processes and provide automated answers, it is not able to provide the same level of personalization and thoughtfulness that an experienced sales person can. Additionally, Chat GPT can be expensive and require a lot of maintenance and upkeep, which can lead to additional costs and difficulties. Finally, Chat GPT can be prone to errors, which can lead to incorrect advice or incorrect responses to customer inquiries, which could harm customer relationships.”

Not that bad?

Finally, this tool may not be as bad as we thought. It could deliver what we need as a basis for creating our own content, as long as we do the little effort of creation and share experience and expertise, which remains the core of our human competencies.

3 first areas where efficiency can be  increased with Chat GPT?

Database: We believe that AI will be leveraged to find the right prospect at the right timing. So, creating a specific and accurate database, nurtured with the right data for each use case will be the standard for a good Sales enablement company.

Cold calling: You can’t use ChatGPT for cold calling directly. But it can be of huge help by helping you:

  • Generate highly personalized scripts for your prospects over the phone.
  • Create personalized opening lines, potential objections and how to handle them, and your closing statements based on your pitch.
  • Generate answers prospects might have to potential questions based on your pitch.
  • Overcome objections.

Message: ChatGPT can generate highly personalized and engaging messages so that you can increase your response rate and prospect interest.

What’s important here is that you need to properly define your buyer persona when discussing with ChatGPT.



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