We do it for you

Increase your sales funnel

Combined approach of Outbound Sales Bizdev and Inbound experts

Yoorop “We do it for you” approach is all about execution.

For short sales cycles and decisions need a responsive structure to generate outbound leads via tele prospecting, email campaigns and social selling as well as deal with inbound leads fast and efficient follow up.​

Respond to leads

Qualify, score and prioritize the leads​
Engage the leads with personalized playbooks​

Connect with your prospects & track activity​

Set your metrics and KPIs​
Make sure you identify the right channel. ​
Plan your campaigns (Tel, Mail, Linkedin, Social)​

Understand your prospects

Competitive landscape​
News and valuable events for targeted accounts​

Close the deals​

Selling timelines and action plan​
Compelling event​


Let’s book a meeting as soon as possible

It’s very easy to organize a meeting anywhere you are.