Be a global player Generate leads and deals in Europe


How to help organizations generating more deals in Europe ?​

You have the initial feeling that international expansion will be a good fit for your product and your solution to increase your revenue and your margin, but you don’t know how to start and are risk adverse when it comes to hire abroad ?

Yoorop outsourced sales solution is a team of Outbound, Inbound sales and digital marketing experts in the field of complex solution selling that can speed up you go to market and lower your Customer Acquisition Cost.​

Sales strategy​

Yoorop helps develop go-to-market strategies that enable organizations to deliver on corporate goals and make their number.

Sales support​

Yoorop allow business leaders to focus on their core competencies, while we handle the entire demand generation, qualification, and closing with qualified sales Reps.

CCO Coworking​

Weather you have a sales organization in place in the regions or one single first Reps in the field, Yoorop can support your sales team on a part time basis.​

Sales Process optimization​

A successful sale needs to be replicated as fast as possible. For doing such, Yoorop can bring a complete sales tool kit aligned with your product or service.

A combined Sales and Digital Marketing program can:​

Increase the chance to hit the quota by 2,4x​

Achieve an average 30 to 55% boost in sales performance​

Complete 2.6x more closed deals


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