Sales enablement

Digital sales operations to optimize the sales cycle

How to increase the funnel with the right prospect and deliver the right value proposition?​

Digital has changed the game in the sales process. Today, buyers needs to be nurtured from different channels and Sales people can be more productive while using the appropriate tools. ​

At Yoorop, we can handle the entire process from prospect database management up to outbound prospecting campaigns and Lead generation.​

Prospect Database​ qualification

We help you structure, consolidate, optimize your Prospect database​ with consistency and find the ideal Personae.

Lead Generation​ process

Target and Prioritize –Inside sales to Identify the right accounts and the key people who will most likely convert into closeable pipeline.

Inbound lead management​

Thought leadership targeted at the right locations, where decision makers gather ideas.

Omni-Channel Outbound prospecting​

From email campaigns to cold calling, LinKedin campaigns, community or social selling.​


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