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What wakes up in the morning ?


At Yoorop we love connecting the dots and realize complex selling for our customers in regions.


We are passionate about helping your senior executives and founders build a mature sales and marketing organization abroad faster, with less risk. ​


We are focus at what we do. We serve our customers with professionalism and commitment.​

Fast onboarding

Being focus on sales and results helps accelerate the onboarding of your product/solution and speed up the Go to market​


To build an efficient sales process, Yoorop can help you be successful.

For most tech businesses, international expansion is a natural aspiration and a well-accepted marker for success. For those currently operating in just one country but looking for opportunities to enter new foreign markets, this can be a critical time for the business—and one which can determine its long-term viability.

Hiring the right Sales expert can be costly and time-consuming. At Yoorop, we offer a good mix with Senior Sales and Junior Business developers. A winning team to support your project. Applying the right Sales strategy with the newest LeadGen technologies. 

Take nearly any successful North American tech company and you’ll find that on average at least 30 percent of its revenue comes from international markets, usually led by Europe. Reaching this threshold prior to an IPO is a signal to investors that your business has traction outside of the U.S. and is well-positioned to continue to grow globally.

When it’s time to expand internationally, Europe remains the first and best choice for most companies. The maturity of Europe’s economies, the similarity of its consumers and businesses to the U.S., the stability of its legal systems, and its respect for intellectual property rights all combine to make it the top option.

Avoid internal resources hiring or allocation

Increase efficiency and stay focused on running your business while we help you scale the organization in Europe.​

Cost savings​

Our customers can see a 50 to 300% Return of Investment through Yoorop services and solutions​

Fast onboarding

Being focus on sales and results helps accelerate the onboarding of your product/solution and speed up the Go to market​

Risk adverse​

No long term contractual agreement. We are result driven. A first 3 months pilot will fine tune our collaboration.


Helping Tech start ups to increase their revenue and margin abroad.

Yoorop ambition is to help Tech start ups to increase their revenue and margin. Your business is important to us.​ ​To achieve these results successfully, Yoorop tailor and optimize the sales process, Digital Marketing tools and product marketing using the top performing best practices of the leaders to generate top results.​ Outsourced sales and marketing from Yoorop is the fastest and most flexible way to generate demand and scale without having to hire costly resources internally.​ Yoorop Sales and marketing methods are based upon 3 key pillars:​

Know-how and expertise




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