Marketing automation : defintion and value

Marketing automation is a digital marketing strategy that use adequate tools to automate relationships processes with prospects. In other words, the focus is on sending online materials to the right prospect in a segmented manner at the right timing.

What are the benefits ?


Reduced cost

IT compagnies and Start-up respondents expressed that finding time and resources for marketing was their greatest challenge. For instance, 22.9% of respondents stated that they collect contact information manually over the phone or in-person rather than automating the process.

Marketing automation not only saves time but provides much needed resources to get more done.

A more efficient sales team

Since the first stages of the Sales process are automated, the sales team can be much more efficient and productive on a daily basis. If the tool has done a good job, the salespeople feel much safer and more comfortable to approach prepared leads. In addition to that, sales reps also become confident as to the fact that a lead may be immature, but they will return at the right moment. Because they do not have to complete the initial nurturing, it is possible they become experts in the final stages, ensuring a much higher purchase rate.

Nurturing leads that are not yet ready to engage

It is common to experience a situation in which the prospect is not prepared to buy. Reasons for this can be multiple : the customer may have a restricted budget, they may have other priorities or may not have realized that they have a problem and need to solve it, for instance

In these scenarios, the leads are still immature in their purchase journeys, so they need to be nurtured with valuable information with a no-selling but value message.

It may also just be a question of timing. That is why it is crucial to stay close to the prospect, generating value and gaining credibility to keep your brand in their mind when it comes the time to buy. The automation enables this approach in an efficient manner and, in general, requires little effort.

Mature leads take more advantage of the product

We highlighted that people with more knowledge are usually synonymous with higher revenue. They also know how to take advantage of the product or service in the best way possible. This allows them to be more successful and generate new recommendations.

Better data for smarter decisions

Big Data is one of the buzzwords in IT these days. Unfortunately, not all businesses are efficient in collecting and using this data in their marketing and sales efforts. Marketing automation facilitates understanding of Data and gathering the required intelligence. A sales and marketing automation platform is the ultimate solution today to gauge marketing campaigns and forecast consumer attitude or reaction. It can put together a full profile of your prospects.

Personalized wording

In automation campaigns, it is possible to make very specific segmentations, such as the job role of the prospect, position, company, among others. With this, it is possible to personalize your content and direct your communication, making each Personae  receive the right wording. In practice, the result is a much more efficient relationship that adds value to each stage and keeps the leads eager for the next contacts and interactions.

A shorter sales cycle

When all the work is done by the automation system, the sales team can receive leads that are already in the last stages of the purchase journey. This reality makes it possible for the customer to spend much less time negotiating with the sales reps. That way, the prospect’s time is used to help the contact make the best choice.

A more efficient funnel

During the entire purchase, the consumer necessarily goes through the sales funnel stages.  From the moment you track the behavior of the prospect, marketing automation allows you to identify the interests and purchase stages of each prospect. In addition, it is possible to send the appropriate content to take the lead to the next stage. As a result, we see a funnel flowing and taking people to the final stages so that you can sell your value proposition quicker.



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