Why I hate Chat GPT for Sales

Now we have a non-Human tool that can engage a discussion with a prospect. Chat GPT is the new buzz. All posts and blogs relate the use of Chat GPT

What does “Sales Enablement” really means?

The Sales enablement blog When B2B marketers talk about sales enablement, what do they actually mean? Sales enablement is the process in which a sales team have the appropriate tools

Attract with ROI

ATTRACT WITH ROI In the saturated SaaS sector, it is incredibly difficult to stand out from the competition and therefore every good argument can count. Our clients often ask us

What are the right sales resources ?

What are the right sales resources ? With the new sales approach and buyer behaviors, a well managed sales process requires a combination of Sales and Digital Marketing, even so

Use your first reference

Go to Market strategy Reputation and customer references serve the same purpose and are highly effective tools for attracting new customers. In a busy marketplace, where there are tons of