Review, Refine and Reboot Your Sales Plan

A strategic sales plan is a collection of documents, processes, and other information that defines how your business approaches sales. Your strategic sales plan can include guidelines for prospecting, lead generation, marketing, and more.

Essentially, a strategic sales plan provides a roadmap to help you meet your goals. It also provides a framework for adapting to new industry trends.

  1. Here are a few other things your strategic sales plan should include:

    • Sales goals and KPIs
    • Buyer personas for your target market
    • Lead scoring criteria
    • Primary sales channels
    • Marketing strategy
    • Prospecting criteria
    • Relationship management strategy
    • Inbound sales vs outbound sales strategy
    • Sales presentations, contracts, and other documents

    In 2021, it’s also important to consider your virtual selling strategy. 50% of buyers say working remotely made purchasing easier, which means it’s critical your business maintains that level of ease.


Every great sales plan begins by defining who your target customer is. If you want to generate long-term value and ROI on your sales efforts, you will only successful if you know who you are selling to and why.



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