Hiring, why?

Hiring, why?

This question may be odd, but it raises many concerns and doubts on how and when to utilize the right resources.

More than 50% of US Tech firms foresee managing employee immigration and recruiting in international markets as key blockers to expansion abroad.”

Sending a landing team over from the US can have several advantages including building shared values and short-term cost savings. However, you may lose out on a regional go-to market strategy, and will not have the local connections nor knowledge required to build out your business.

Traveling is becoming complex

The other hurdle is the ability to have a team willing to travel extensively. This may work for a short-term period, but this is not sustainable.
The other option is to try a European recruiter.
Most will be based out of London with access to further markets. The recruiter will map out the potential candidate pool and be indicative about which cities to search in.
A good recruiter will provide calibration candidates within a few weeks, and a shortlist of at least five people within a month to eight weeks.
This should include three who fit the brief and two wildcards – perhaps a rising star with the ability to step up, or someone without domain expertise.

Cost and time can fly

But, take into account negotiation time and notice periods, which are between one and three months in Europe. This means that your hire may not start for four to six months. If you add the onboarding on top of this, this is a minimum of 8 to 9 months process.
The cost of hiring will be important. Usually, 20 to 30% of the year one income. The risk of turn over is another threat.
We are not even talking about the different labor laws and social taxes that can go from 14 to 45% and can generate huge administrative burden before you get your first dollar.

The fastest way to generate leads and deals is a scalable outsourcing company that can provide flexible and on demand resources with adequate profile.



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